Total War: Rome 2 adds the Pontus as free day one DLC

When my eyes read “free day one DLC” I become very very skeptical — rightfully so. What’s the catch? What’s wrong with the original content? Where is this DLC fixing? SEGA and Creative Assembly don’t believe in the ‘screw over your fan base day one’ which is honestly quite commendable.

When you buy Total War: ROME 2, you’ll receive the playable Pontus faction for free. It’s really just that easy. Hugging the southern side of the Black Sea, the Pontus have an interesting mixture of Greek and Persian influences. With bronze-shielded pikemen and scythed chariots, the Pontus mix infantry and deadly cavalry units. Will their might and influences be enough to repel and defeat the Romans? History says no. Then again, the Pontus have never been commanded by you before.

Below is a video with some of the ROME 2 devs talking about the Pontus and the FREE day 1 DLC. It doesn’t get much better than that. I predict good things ahead.