Total Tank Simulator is low-fi charming Battlefield and out today

War has changed

505 Games is celebrating the launch of Total Tank Simulator on PC via Steam. Despite its somewhat misleading name, the action-shooter actually lets players duke out massive battles as either infantry, land, and even air. Check out the launch trailer below!

Developed by Polish studio Noobz from Poland, the breakout title from the small studio promises nothing less than the full battlefield experience – pun intended. Not only is the ambitious shooter offering a large playing field where two opposing forces fight for victory in a distinctive low-fi rendition of World War II, but players can choose to fight as a nimble but fragile infantry soldier, heavily armored but exposed tank, or reign down death from the air.

A strategy that takes you to WW 2. Command a group of tanks, squadron of planes or a infantry platoon. Create the best strategy for light, medium or heavy tanks, anti-tank guns, artillery units and much more. Play historical factions and units that were used on the battlefield. Deploy your army and remember what Eisenhower said: “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable”.

And if that is not enough choice for you, there is a whole strategic layer to Total Tank Simulator, as well. Plan your attacks and commandeer your large army before jumping right into the action and see whether your general-level decision pan out on the battlefield.

With dozens upon dozens of unique units under your command to use both strategically and in person, the amount of content is rather staggering for such a budget game. More than 200 units, 50 maps, a campaign mode, sandbox mode, and shadow mode that lets you fight your very own past armies, at only $17.99 you’ll get a whole package of shooting goodness here where you can fight in a wide range of ways.