Top Ten BioWare-created Squadmates

January 28,

Top Ten
BioWare-created Squadmates

By Dakota Grabowski

BioWare knows how to present relatable characters

After playing through Mass Effect 2 this past weekend, and realizing how superb
BioWare is at creating quality characters that beg players to invest more time
with, we have decided to speak on our Top 10 squadmates from any BioWare
developed game.

10. Silk FoxJade Empire

The beautiful
Silk Fox certainly knows the arts of being a contract killer. Hiding her true
identity at the start of Jade Empire, Silk Fox is an unknown that piqued our
interest since she only accepts allies on par with her ability in martial arts.
This 20-year-old truly dropped jaws with her bodacious body and the revelation
of who her real identity when she removed her veil. Oh, and if you have a
choice, romance Silk Fox over the dull Dawn Star – there’s nothing better than
earning the adoration of Silk Fox.

9. Max – MDK
and MDK2

Dog with attitude? Check. Dog with jetpack? Check. BioWare took the most beloved
pet and made him a walking and talking renegade. If there’s to be a third entry
in the series, Max must be present to help lead the way.

8. Death’s HandJade

A villain at the start, Death’s Hand turns out to be a misunderstood baddie
who joins the player’s team after a few conclusions to keep him on board.  While
he wasn’t the most imposing villain, he turned out to be a better teammate that
dished out an incredible amount of damage. His backstory is a complicated matter
that, without spoiling everything, makes him a sympathetic character.

7. Morrigan – Dragon Age: Origins

Wicked and twisted to the core, Morrigan was a witch that always had
alternative motives for her choices in Dragon Age: Origins. Romancing Morrigan
and trying to turn her to the ‘light’ side was even more fascinating since her
dialogue responses were even more cleverly written. Troubled with her history
with her controlling mother, and riddled with dark intentions, Morrigan was a
book that every player wanted to read from front to back.

6. Wrex – Mass Effect 1 (present in Mass Effect 2 depending on choices)

Wrex. Shepard. Wrex. Shepard.
Wrex. If you weren’t aware, Wrex’s responses are as short as a gerbil’s tail. If
you were in Wrex’s way, he would make sure you felt his force as he barreled over
you like a semi-truck. Short-tempered and unwilling to change his ways, Wrex was
as stubborn as they come – but that never held him back from being the tank that
he was. The conversation choices with Wrex were even better than using him in
combat since the entertainment value was sky high.

5. Thane – Mass Effect 2

Introducing a new alien species in Mass Effect 2, BioWare put forth a
legendary assassin that will be remembered for ages. Religious as they come,
Thane’s motives aren’t necessarily for evil or good, but to finish the
assignment and move onto the next. Thane left so much open for interpretation
that, after completing Mass Effect 2, we wish we could go back and question him
even more on his hitman past. Plus, BioWare did a fantastic job with the design
of the green-skinned drell assassin.

4. Imoen – Baldur’s Gate I and Baldur’s Gate II

As the first character to join the squad in Baldur’s Gate I, Imoen essentially
becomes troubled by torture in Baldur’s Gate II, creating a dilemma that players
will want to protect this vulnerable rogue from all danger. Her romance was even
more difficult, but the rewards are just after putting in all the work. Her
sweet and sugary demeanor only aided in her appeal rating skyrocketing to
unparalleled levels.

3. Tali – Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2

As one of the returning playable characters from Mass Effect 1 to Mass
Effect 2, Tali is the most beloved character in the Mass Effect universe and
among the most popular BioWare has ever created. Her masked face has propelled
interest to new levels that it never would have if it was previously revealed.
Showing up in Mass Effect 2 as a romance option, fanatics should go bonkers with
the option to explore a whole new world with Tali – the bedroom.

2. HK-47 – Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Bold and brassy (ironic!), HK-47 spoke his mind and never held back his
tongue (or should I say speaking device?) at any moment. When HK-47 didn’t agree
with the player, they instantaneously knew it. An assassin droid with no mood to
spare any lives, HK-47 delivers some of the best lines from any BioWare title.
As HK-47 so kindly put it, “Shall we find something to kill to cheer ourselves
1. Minsc – Baldur’s Gate I and Baldur’s Gate II

BioWare will never surpass their creation of Minsc (and Boo!). His voice-acting
was hands-down one of the best attributes of the Baldur’s Gate series. Laughter
usually ensued after Minsc spoke, so this too helped pave way for one of the
most peculiar characters in any video game. If you have yet to experience the
delight of Minsc (and Boo!) then just listen to the sound clip of his
voice-acting; it still brings a smile to our face. His comedic role was
effortless and done so in a fashion that it wasn’t over-the-top.

Other Honorary Mentions:
Shale –Dragon Age: Origins
Garrus – Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2
– Baldur’s Gate I and Baldur’s Gate II