Tomb Raider lead writer departs Crystal Dynamics for ‘new adventures’

No worries, the departure was on good terms

The Tomb Raider reboots have proven to be quite impactful of the games industry as a whole for a multitude of reasons. But now, one of the series' biggest minds is moving on to other things as it was announced by the company and the writer herself, Rhianna Pratchett. Pratchett took to Twitter to announce the news and thanked Crystal Dynamics. Here's one of the tweets:

Pratchett was the Lead Writer who helped pen the script for the Tomb Raider reboot that released back in 2013 as well as the follow-up, Rise of the Tomb Raider two years later. Tomb Raider received nominations for Best Narrative and Game of the Year at the Game Developer's Conference in 2014, solidifying its status as a stellar 3rd-Person Action Adventure.

Rise of the Tomb Raider improved upon its predecessor's foundations and winnings as it took home the award for Outstanding Achievement in Videogame Writing at the Writers Guild of America Awards as well as the Outstanding Achievement in Character at the DICE Awards this past year.

Pratchett didn't say what her next venture will be, but whatever it is, you can be sure it will be of the highest caliber.

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