Tomb Raider is half off this weekend on Steam

I’ll be blunt, the new Tomb Raider is an excellent game. As the rebooted Lara Croft, play the adventure that transforms her into the TOMB RAIDER; from scared young woman and murderous weapon master. The environments are beautiful, the action is tight, and the plot is – alright. The moral of this story is that the game is on sale THIS weekend for 50% off via Steam sale. For those bad at math like myself, that is half off, meaning you only have to pay $24.99. Seems good to me. For those that have yet to experience this fantastic game, now is the best time to get it.

Also, remember, on Steam you get that special hair option to turn Lara's normal ponytail into a flowing work of art. Each fiber of hair becomes its own beast to flow majestically in the wind like a soaring eagle. Dat hair.

Tomb Raider Steam Deal