Tomb Raider Guide to Survival, Part 1: Smart, Resourceful Lara and ‘Basecamp’

Square Enix is taking an all-new approach to the iconic Tomb Raider series, particularly with its star heroine, Lara Croft. While you may be accustomed to seeing Lara as an experienced tomb raider in past titles, this re-imagining brings us back to the very beginning of Lara to explore just how she becomes a tomb raider.

Today, Square Enix released the first episode of a new video series that dives into the world of Tomb Raider, exploring the harrowing decisions Lara will face as she is forced to survive. After an adventure of a lifetime leaves Lara and her crew shipwrecked on a mysterious island, she must use her wits to become a survivor.

This isn't the Lara you may be used to, however. She's still smart, resourceful, and full of potential, but it's up to you to help her become the icon we've seen in past games. Part of the new Tomb Raider is the "Basecamp" system, which players can use to upgrade Lara's skills and gear. As you earn experience through exploration, combat, and other actions, you'll level up and earn skill points to unlock new skills to use.

Leveling up will ultimately help transform Lara into the fully accomplished and capable heroine we're so used to seeing.