Tomb Raider campaign to last about 12-15 hours, sequel possibly planned

Here's a shocker: if Tomb Raider does well in sales then we can expect a sequel. As if we didn't already know that?

Earlier on the Tomb Raider Twitter, Crystal Dynamics' — the studio developing the upcoming series reboot — global brand director Karl Stewart responded to a few fan questions regarding play time, a potential sequel, and much more.

During the session, Stewart revealed that Tomb Raider's campaign will take roughly 12 to 15 hours-plus to complete "depending on your play style". Given the non-stop action we've been shown to date that seems like the perfect time. Any longer and we might get a little worn out from the constant explosions and shaky camera.

And because we live in a day and age where sequels are almost always a guarantee, Stewart was asked if Tomb Raider will be getting one. "Why of course", he responded, provided the game is successful.

Other details confirmed include Lara Croft's regenerative health and her ability to swim (although swimming won't be present in the game). There will also be "plenty of twists" in the storyline.

Tomb Raider is set to release on March 5, 2013. You can check out our preview of the game here.