Tom Clancys Ghost Recon 2 Ships for PlayStation 2


Complete Immersion in the War of Tomorrow Available at Retail
This Week

San Francisco, CA – November 30, 2004 – Ubisoft, one of the
world’s largest video game publishers, announced today that Tom Clancy’s Ghost
Recon™ 2 for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system is available this
week at retail outlets across the U.S. Developed by Ubisoft’s Shanghai and Paris
studios, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon 2 for PlayStation 2 is the first-ever Clancy
game built exclusively from the ground up for that console. Players embody
Captain Scott Mitchell, leader of the elite Ghost Recon Special Forces team, in
a crucial mission to defuse a dangerous situation in North Korea in 2007. Tom
Clancy’s Ghost Recon 2 for PlayStation 2 acts as a stand-alone prequel to the
recently released version of the game for the Xbox® video game system from
Microsoft, which is set four years later, in 2011.

To fully immerse gamers in the chaos of the war of tomorrow, Tom
Clancy’s Ghost Recon 2 for PlayStation 2 delivers a killer Lone Wolf
single-player mode based on prototypical soldier-of-the-future combat equipment
currently being developed by the U.S. government, a full team of new Ghosts and
a brand new over-the-shoulder camera angle (in addition to the beloved
first-person perspective). The game features unique special effects, cinematic
sequences, supporting characters and industry-leading graphics – all supported
by the Unreal engine and Havok physics (a rarity in PlayStation 2 games). With
10 multiplayer maps, two new multiplayer game modes and full support for 16
players with voice chat, the game also offers one of the best PlayStation 2
multiplayer experiences available.

“A brand-new team of Ghosts is storming PlayStation 2 this week,
where they will blow away gamers with near-future realism, intense action, an
original single-player campaign and a phenomenal multiplayer experience that
rewards real-world strategic military tactics,” said Tony Kee, vice president of
marketing for Ubisoft. “Not only is Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon 2 for PlayStation 2
a completely different game than Ghost Recon 2 for Xbox, and the first Clancy
title built from the ground up for the most popular console on the market, it’s
the only big military shooter for PlayStation 2 this year and the online shooter
to get this holiday.”

About Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon 2 for PlayStation 2

On July 4, 2007, a North Korean missile base is hacked and used
to launch a cruise missile against the USS Clarence E. Walsh in the Korea
Strait. While U.S. Intelligence suspects that the North Koreans were not
responsible for the attack, the U.S. decides to strictly defend South Korea
against possible North Korean aggression. While they mass troops to defend
Seoul, the Americans also send Third Echelon agent Sam Fisher to North Korea to
investigate. At the same time, the Ghosts are deployed behind enemy lines to
carry out sabotage, reconnaissance and quick strikes against the North Korean
Army (NKA) should the conflict explode. Officially, not a single U.S. asset is
in North Korea. As the conflict rages, the Ghosts perform a series of successful
missions, including the rescue of a dissident officer from a prison camp. During
the course of these operations, the Ghosts learn that the architect of the
escalation is Major-General Paik, who sees it as an opportunity to seize power
and advance his ambitions.

On July 10, thanks to Third Echelon agent Sam Fisher, a
cease-fire is signed between the U.S. and the Democratic People’s Republic of
Korea (DPRK). For the general public, the war is over, but the actions of
Major-General Paik are troubling. Throughout the fall, U.S. Intelligence gathers
evidence that Paik is not interested in the cease-fire. Instead, he is building
a nuclear program. In November of 2007, Major-General Paik accelerates the
program, hoping to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike. He hopes to reverse what
he sees as a cowardly ending to the July crisis, and to force his government to
go to war again. The Ghosts are once again sent to the DPRK, and must now stop
the DPRK nuclear program in its tracks.

Key Features

• Exclusive game design for PlayStation 2: Storyline, level
design and cinematic sequences will be unique to PlayStation 2. Developed by
Ubisoft Shanghai (Splinter Cell® for PlayStation 2), this is the first Clancy
title to be built from the ground up for PlayStation 2. This version acts as a
prequel to the Xbox version (set in 2011).

• Wage war online: Up to 16 players online through dedicated
servers, exclusive maps and modes, and loads of weapons will provide a top-notch
multiplayer experience.

• Complete immersion in the war of tomorrow: Players will
utilize the most high-tech, advanced weapons and gadgets to defeat the smartest,
deadliest AI yet in this epic struggle. Intense battle sequences, countless
enemies and a gritty story power the campaigns.

• New graphic and physics technology: Ghost Recon 2 for
PlayStation 2 is built off the Unreal engine, and provides stunning
environments, lighting and character detail. The new Havok 2 physics engine
provides realistic effects for destructible objects, moving vehicles, ragdoll
physics and spectacular special effects.

• Lead a brand-new team of Special Forces: Interact with and
fight alongside new characters to the Ghost Recon world – each with his or her
own look, personality and specialization. As the Ghost leader, control your
squad via voice commands and a new, one-click interface.

• All-new camera angle fully immerses you in the war: Ghost
Recon 2 unveils a brand-new camera view to the Ghost Recon world. The OTS
(over-the-shoulder) view allows players to see their characters and weapons, and
watch them react to surrounding mortar, gunfire and air strikes. Players can
also communicate with teammates via hand signals to silently trap enemies.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon 2 carries a “T” (Teen) rating for
Violence from the ESRB, with a suggested retail price of $49.99.

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About Tom Clancy:

With over 80 million books sold, Tom Clancy is arguably the
world’s most recognized author. His works include fiction such as The Hunt for
Red October, Clear and Present Danger, The Sum of All Fears, Rainbow Six, Red
Rabbit and the recently released The Teeth of the Tiger. Clancy also writes
nonfiction works about weapons and various military units. Four of his books
have already been adapted into highly successful feature films.