Tom Clancy’s The Division, The Crew still coming in 2014, says Ubisoft

Tom Clancy's The Division and The Crew, two highly anticipated Ubisoft titles, are still on track to release in 2014, the company announced today. Ubisoft sent out a release schedule for its games this morning, confirming a 2014 window for both games.

The Division, Ubisoft's intriguing online multiplayer RPG, was first revealed in a hands-off demo at E3 2013. It instantly won over the crowd thanks, in part, to the Snowdrop Engine's impressive visuals and technical capabilities; however, not much of the game has been talked about of late. While Ubisoft has treated us trickles of information, the lack of substantial footage or gameplay have led some to believe that a 2014 release may be pushing it. Although Ubisoft remains committed to 2014 for the time being, I could definitely see The Division quietly slipping into early 2015.

The Crew, meanwhile, seems a little more realistic for 2014. An open-world racer that seemingly allows you to drive anywhere in the United States, we've actually gone hands-on with the game. At the time it was listed for an "early 2014" release, but given that we're already in March, I'd say a late 2014 launch is more likely. 

The lack of information for both games has certainly been noticeable, but it's also understandable given that all attention has been on Watch Dogs of late. Earlier this week, Ubisoft confirmed that Watch Dogs — another open-world title that was previously delayed — will be released on May 27. I'm not surprised its delay has caused some anxiety among Ubisoft fans though.