Todd Howard Says he “can’t say” What Version of Skyrim Will Be On Nintendo Switch

Will it be the Special Edition or something new?

Bethesda was one of the biggest surprises when it came to the lineup of third-party developers making games for the Switch. With plans to release their money printing title Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch, people started asking questions. Is it the 2016 Special Edition or the standard edition? Or something entirely different?

The answer is, we don't know. But why is this news? Because when asked directly by Polygon, Skyrim director Todd Howard said that he "can't say". 

It could be a port of the 2011 original title, or the remaster made for the newer generation of consoles released last year. But with porting, comes the opportunity to create something new. Howard's response left many speculating on that possibility. 

"We love to make games and worlds for you to get lost in, that you can make your own, and never want to put down. Now you don't have to–now you can play Skyrim wherever you want," said Howard during the January Switch event. 

This may just be speculation, but his lack of an answer or any details makes it seem like there's more to his answer than just "we don't know yet." The Switch Launches on March 3, but Skyrim is set for a Fall 2017 release.