Today marks the release of Hulu Plus on the Nintendo Wii

Wii owners might have felt they were getting the shaft with the Hulu Plus service not being available on that console. Well it's to those people I say, rejoice! Today marks the release of Hulu Plus on the Wii, joining the already established Netflix on it as well. The Hulu Plus app can be downloaded in the Wii Shop Channel.

Hulu Plus offers many of the latest TV shows either in its entirety, or the latest set of episodes, so for those that don't rely on their DVR, and yet still end up missing some of their favorite TV shows when they're on, this is a great way to catch up.

It's available for $7.99 a month but those that sign up for Hulu to use it on the Wii get two weeks completely free.

Nintendo fanatics can get even more excited as Hulu Plus will also be making an appearance on the Nintendo 3DS later this year.