Tod Blystad apologizes for Hitman: Absolution trailer offense

Video games and movies are pushing boundaries more than ever and when it came to the Hitman: Absolution trailer, apparently they pushed a little bit too far. In an interview with Gamasutra the IO interactive game director, Tore Blystad, didn't think that anyone would think too much of their game trailer.

"It was kind of a shock to us back in Copenhagen when we got the response to that trailer," said Blystad "We honestly didn't mean to offend anyone, this is a game that has its roots in a kind of cartoony extreme universe." He went on to say that throughout the Hitman games Agent 47 wore disguises so they hadn't thought much of the female assassins dressed as sexy nuns.

Blystad did say that the trailer depicted an actual level in the game. The level has multiple outcomes, the trailer simply highlighted what one of the outcomes could be. Hitman games have always been "centered around choice" so really, any level play can out to how the player chooses to play.

The Hitman team never meant any offense when they released the trailer but do apologize to those they did offend. If you didn't see the trailer and don't plan on it, here are the offenders.

I hope I didn't offend you!

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