Titans of Steel Goes Digital

Titans of Steel Goes Digital!

Get the classic mech combat game in a new
way:  Download!


Staten Island, NY, May 27th , 2005 –
Matrix Games is pleased to announce that Titans of Steel: Warring Suns
is now available to purchase via digital download.  Digital download provides
a fast and secure way to get this classic mech combat game, without having to
deal with the costs and waiting times for shipping.


Titans of Steel: Warring Suns is more than
a combat game. It is also a fully open ended role playing system designed to
allow you to choose between eight different race and gender combination. All
your pilots have a full statistics sheet and earn experience points. These
experience points can be used to increase 7 attributes and 19 skills. Your
pilots can go up in rank and will benefit from additional training. They are
assembled in squads, which can have 8 pilots and up to 16 Titan-ATs.  Titans-ATs
can be configured with 74 internal systems, 4 armor types, 20 chassis styles,
and 29 different weapons.


Titans of Steel is now available with a new
fully updated v1.21 installer for Digital Download for $19.99 from the Matrix
Games Online Store and the boxed copies of the original release are still be
available for $29.99.  For more information visit the our Games pages at




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