Titanfall undergoing ‘limited’ technical testing; invites are not for a beta

Developer Respawn Entertainment has taken to Twitter to clarify that invites sent out for the Xbox One's Titanfall "trial" are not related to a full beta. 

"As some of you are asking, we are doing a limited technical test. It is not a beta, and we don't have any beta news at the moment," Respawn wrote.

Speculation arose when reports of the emails began spreading. Apparently, EA had sent out email invites for select Battlefield 4 players to take part in an "exclusive trial for an upcoming EA title on Microsoft's Xbox One." It then led players to an application page on the official Titanfall website. 

So what exactly does Respawn mean by "limited technical test?"

"Not open to the public, small," the studio explained. "Players can't post about it." It's also limited to North America only right now.

Titanfall will be available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC platforms on March 11, 2014 in North America. It'll be available in Europe two days later on March 13, 2014. Despite multiple rumors, the game is not a timed-exclusive and will be available only on the three aforementioned platforms for its lifetime.