Titanfall’s weapons look even better in LEGO

Flickr user and Titanfall enthusiast Nick “Brick” has begun arming his presumed LEGO army with full-scale and remarkably accurate models of the game’s weapons.


Titanfall’s Smart Pistol MK5, R101-C Assault Rifle and EVA-8 Shotgun shine in LEGO form and will have any fan of the game dying to own one of the incredible replicas. Now, if we can just get Nick to crank out a full-blown LEGO Titan.


Respawn, I know you’ve added private matchmaking and a raft of other features to Titanfall in its newest update, but would you consider mass-producing these things? Or perhaps a Titanfall entry to Warner Bros. LEGO franchise? Or at least giving Nick a lifetime supply of LEGOs so he can keep being awesome?