Tips and tricks for new Naruto Shippuden Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 players

December 3, 2009

Tips and tricks for new Naruto Shippuden Clash of Ninja Revolution 3

Tomy reveals
character-specific tips

Who you are is the key to what you
can do in the latest episode in the NARUTO
Shippuden Clash of Ninja 3. The latest title in the saga released in mid-November, but rather than conclude
the adventure, the battle is only just getting warmed up. Clash of Ninja 3 is
the first Shippuden title that features an all-new storyline with enhanced
fighting mechanics, more than 30 playable characters and more than 40
three-dimensional environments.

The publisher, Tomy, has given
GameZone some exclusive player guide information that may be useful as they
embark on the journey.

Naruto Shippuden Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 Wii screenshots

Naruto can now go into Nine-Tailed mode at any time regardless of his health
bar’s status <backwards+(SP) at 100% chakra>. His fighting style will completely
change and also put him in a super armor state. Just know that you can’t change
back to normal Naruto in the same round once you activate it! 

Kakashi has a new special technique called Mangekyo Sharingan while in Sharingan
mode. This is a hard technique to land on the opponent as it requires you to
charge up the ability for a few seconds, leaving you completely vulnerable to
any kind of attack. Taking any damage will interrupt the charge so it can be
frustrating to use normally. A good strategy is to couple it right after a throw
to buy yourself much needed time to charge up the technique. Watch your
opponent’s chakra though. If they have enough chakra to teleport, they will be
able to interrupt your charge. If they’re all out of chakra when you’ve thrown
them, you’ve got a very good chance to nail them with the technique!

Sakura now joins the ranks of Kakashi and Lee with the ability to change modes.
Her power mode <downward+(STR)> allows her to deal more damage, reduce the
opponent’s guard crush meter quickly, and changes up her fighting style. She’s
nothing like the younger version of herself…except maybe for her temper.
However, her power mode drains her chakra so be careful. As mentioned earlier, a
guard crush is devastating to the opponent in many ways. Use it whenever the
opportunity arises.

Kagura is a character that can stay off the ground for a really long time with
her combination of consecutive wire swings combined with a double jump. Don’t
hesitate to use her wire swing ability <mid-air (STR)> to get her out of sticky
situations. You can swing up to three times by continuing to press the (STR)
button. Her walking movement is relatively slow so use the swing ability to get
around the stage quickly.

She also
upgraded her arsenal of moves with a similar Genjutsu move as Kurenai’s. Her
backwards+(STR) will teleport her behind the opponent at the cost of 25% chakra
no matter where they are.

Naruto Shippuden Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 Wii screenshots

Bando’s secondary secret technique <downward+(SP)> puts him in hyper armor
mode…and hyper armor is REALLY useful!

Hiruko’s backwards+(STR) launches a poison cloud attack. This attack can be
charged to have longer range with additional hits by holding the (STR) button.

After a
standard throw with Hiruko, follow up with a (WK) x 6, (STR) combo attack for a
real easy 12 hit combo. His throw tosses the opponent high enough up in the air
to allow Hiruko to catch it with the first (WK) hit with ease.

Sasori can go into
hyper armor mode by simply walking forward. No other character can do this. It’s
especially effective against fast, weak attacks when you want to get in close to
the enemy. It’s a fun way to surprise your opponent if they don’t expect it.

Unlike other characters, Kankuro uses his puppets to grab and throw enemies,
which cuts down on his level of vulnerability when attempting grabs. Use this to
your advantage as throw attempts from the ground cannot be blocked. It’s a good
way to keep you opponent wary of getting too close to your puppets.

If you want
to minimize your vulnerability during a throw attempt even more, Kankuro can
tell his puppet to go into a grab while Kankuro himself is jumping in mid-air.
These throws can be blocked, but it can be a safer alternative.

Naruto Shippuden Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 Wii screenshots

Tenten is one of the few characters you SHOULD spend the time trying out all her
moves from the Attack List (though we recommend doing this with every
character). Her attack list is the most complex among all the characters as she
can summon 5 different weapons, which changes up her fighting style

Her standard
hand-to-hand mode does relatively weak damage so it’s essential that you learn
to use all her summoned weapons effectively.

No matter
what weapon you have equipped, make sure to keep her sickle attack <while
dashing press (STR)> handy. It’s a long-range attack that tosses the enemy high
up in the air allowing Tenten plenty of time to follow up with devastating combo
attacks or a secret technique.

Kiba’s dash (WK) attack can be controlled to yo-yo back defensively (backwards+(WK))
or can be used to press the attack further by pressing (WK) while the attack is
going on.

Backwards+(STR) activates Jiraiya’s defensive attack Needle Jizo. This attack
can be maintained by holding the (STR) button for as long as you have chakra.

The Dark
Swamp attack <downward+(STR)> sucks your opponent down below the floor then
tosses them back up into the air. Here’s a good chance for you to follow up with
additional combo attacks when they do get tossed up in the air by the jutsu.

Did you know that
Tsunade has a special charge attack that when it hits it reverses the control
input of your opponent for a short time? Examine Tsunade’s Attack List. In any
string that contains a (STR) input, you can hold/charge the (STR) button. Once
charged, release it and let her hit your opponent. They’ll have question mark
icons above their head. During this time, all their control inputs will be
reversed! Here’s your chance to beat them up while they can’t make heads or
tails of the situation.

An example
of the above would be a combo string as indicated below:

(WK), (WK),

At (STR),
hold the button to charge it then release it. If the combo string continues
based on the Attack List, you can continue with further attacks in the string
even with the charged attack!

Naruto Shippuden Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 Wii screenshots

Shino’s ranged
attacks all involve the use of swarms of bugs. His standard ranged attack drops
the swarm on the ground toward the opponent. Though they’re slow, they do track
the opponent making them quite an annoying obstacle for the opponent to deal
with. While the opponent is busy dealing with the encroaching swarm, Shino is
free to continue with other attacks. Mix it up and make sure to use the bugs to
really annoy your opponent. 

Just like on
the TV show, Shino’s bugs thrive on chakra. The swarm will drain the opponent’s
chakra anytime they inflict damage. It’s a great way to keep their chakra meter
in check!

Lee has one of the most devastating secret techniques in the game called the
Hidden Lotus. You need to release both gates <backwards+(SP) twice, each costing
50% chakra> to be able to use the Hidden Lotus. Releasing both of Lee’s gates is
a risky maneuver but his Hidden Lotus activation teleports Lee right next to the
opponent making it a lot easier to activate compared to a lot of other secret
techniques. Try using it on unsuspecting opponents. They’ll know they’ve been
ROCKed after it hits!