Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 ‘Country Clubs’ mode to receive significant upgrades

Aiming to be “above par” over its predecessors, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 will be receiving major updates to one of the game’s most popular online modes, “Country Clubs.” The mode itself was introduced last year and allowed players to “team up” and stay connected with fellow golf gurus through tournaments and individual careers. In a developer blog, Christian Brandt, designer for EA SPORTS Country Clubs in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14, highlighted several major upgrades for the mode, including interface changes and more ways to stay connected with your club.

The most notable change in this year’s mode will be the club cap increase. Last year’s title limited each club to 25 players, which aggravated fans according to Brandt, but this year’s title will bump the boundary to 100 players. This addition likely means that clubs will be looking to communicate easier, which plays perfectly into the hands of another add-on for the mode: club chat. Club chat is basically a clone to “Party Chat” for Xbox LIVE, but allows up to 100 players to be talking at one time no matter what feature players are playing in the game. For instance, players playing career mode can interact via club chat with someone playing online against an opponent.

Country Clubs

Rounding out the additions for club mode includes “Club vs. Club” tournaments and bonus points for playing on a consistent basis. The latter allows for fierce competition against clubs, while the former will reward those who play Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 on a consistent basis.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 is set to hit store shelves on March 26 for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, and March 29 worldwide.

Source: [EA Sports Blog]