Through video, WildStar introduces the complexities of movement

Look, if you’ve played a MMO ever, you know those classic WASD controls. WildStar doesn’t look to reinvent the wheel when it comes to movement controls. In additional to WASD, you have mouse look turning and strafing, jumping, DOUBLE JUMPING, dash, a FPS style sprint system, and of course the running/double jumping maneuver. You’ll be saying “what-up” to sheep in no time. This video is both informative and hilarious.

I’ve gone and taken the liberty to screenshot the last page of the disclaimer at the start of this video to start you on a super-secret behind-the-scenes look at WildStar. I could just send you the link but it’s more embarrassing to do the foot work yourself.

WildStar - Super Secret Disclaimer

Check out the video above pray to the gaming gods to get into the beta.