Three new Game & Wario minigames shown off

Nintendo has highlighted a few new minigames for its upcoming Game & Wario title from WarioWare, Inc. For those unfamiliar, the game, which makes use of the Wii U's GamePad through various minigames, is set to launch on June 23.  So Nintendo used a portion of today's Nintendo Direct presentation to demonstrate a few more minigames.

Island lets two to five players launch little creatures called Fronks onto island in the sea to score points. Patchwork is a pattern-recognition puzzle game that has you use the GamePad's touchscreen to move overlapping puzzle pieces into place. The last was Kung-Fu, a split-perspective auto-jump platformer that challenges you to help Young Cricket navigate a course safely using the forward-looking view on the TV and the top-down view on the GamePad.

Game & Wario will be released on June 23 in North America for $39.99.