Three days after release, Fallout 4 already has a nudity mod

It really isn't a surprise.

Prior to Fallout 4's release, we learned that Bethesda had used the same engine from Skyrim to fuel their new game. Now this really shouldn't be too much of a concern – Skyrim was (and still is) pretty solid and it has an extremely active modding community. 

Well, thanks to the shared engine and modding community, Fallout 4 has only been out for three days and we already have a nudity mod. 

The mod itself doesn't make everyone in Fallout 4 nude, it only works on females. It's really a great thing that Codsworth recognizes the name "Boobies," because you can really put that name to good use now. While this mod is limited to females only, we can fully expect a naked man mod — just in case there wasn't enough Dong in Rust to satisfy you.

In case you're looking to download this mod for the sake of science, you can find it here. If that mod isn't your thing, there's a graphics enhancement mod too and it's totally ungcaged-boobie free.