Three Blink 182 DLC tracks now available on Rocksmith

Guitar playing simulator Rocksmith, today, added three DLC tracks from popular pop-punk band Blink 182.  The three track DLC includes the band's older songs: Dude Ranch hit, "Dammit", as well as "All the Small Things" and "What's My Age Again?", two tracks from their follow-up album Enema of the State.

Arguably some of Blink 182's most recognizable hits, if not most popular, the three songs are filled with fairly simple power chord progressions, and quick, catchy hooks.  Blink 182 isn't known for their technical ability, which may disappoint some of you advanced Rocksmith players, but these songs contain riffs that are the perfect building blocks for people playing the game for the first time.  Not to mention, it's the type of music I grew up with.

Blink 182 gained popularity in the 90s, along with other pop-punk bands MXPX, Greenday, and Offspring, with their teen angst themed lyrics accompanied by somewhat pop-ish music.  Simplistic lyrics and fast-paced power chords sum it up quite nicely.  Blink 182 just returned from a hiatus, although their music no longer resembles what we have in today's DLC.

All tracks are now available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for 240 Microsoft Points, or $2.99, per song.