This week’s Humble Weekly Sale features Guacamelee, Surgeon Simulator, State of Decay

Another week is coming to an end and luckily for us, we have a new Humble Weekly Sale to see us off into the weekend. PewDiePie has selected another set of games to both celebrate hitting 25 million subscribers and to raise money for the Save the Children charity. 

This week you can pay what you want and receive Surgeon Simulator (2013), Guacamelee! Gold Edition, and QWOP for Android. If you decide to pay $6.00 you also get Garry's Mod and SpeedRunners (early access), if you pay $10.00 you get Probably Archery as well, and if you pay $15.00 you become the the proud owner of State of Decay on top of all of the previously listed games.

If you bought all of these games separately you'd be spending around $85.00, so, this is a pretty good deal. Not to mention Garry's Mod is a bunch of fun.

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