This Star Wars fan made anime (WIP) will get you hyped

As a friendly disclaimer, this leaked footage was only meant for a small set of eyes.  The animator, otaking77077, put this out for 30 people to critique but now it is blowing out of control.  Make sure as you watch this know that it is a work in progress and by no means done.

With that said… this is freaking amazing.  If this isn’t the scene done, what else could I ask for?  The sound effects and music were added by JPL4185.  He got the permission to post this on YouTube from otaking77077 so all is well.  As amazing as the animation is, the sound SFX is pretty spot on as well. 

In this clip, you will see a space battle ensue between the Empire and the Rebellion.  What I found interesting and appealing was that the focus is on the Empire and not the Rebellion.  This animation gives life to the faceless pilots in the dark uniforms.  Not to sound sexist, but one of the Tie-Bomber pilots was even a woman – gogo Empire suffrage!

Tie Girl

Just watch this clip, you will NOT be disappointed.


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