This nostalgic decade old Xbox LIVE commercial will show you how far Microsoft has come

I feel the word nostalgia doesn’t do this clip justice.  While I never owned an Xbox back in the day, I sure freeloaded off my friends who had them.  So much Halo

Anyhew, in honor of the 10 years of Xbox LIVE existing, Microsoft released this throwback commercial for the YouTubes to be reintroduced to.  Do you remember how Dark Master use to pwn up on NFL Fever back in 2002?  The nostalgia may overwhelm you.

When NFL Fever doesn’t do the job, there are always team games like the Mech Assault.  The names and voices in this video are horrific; I love it.  Just watch this and put on the damn chicken suit alrady. 

“A dark day for Dark Master.”     


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