This Nintendo Switch Dock Just Upped the Ante With a Built-in Projector

Giant Mario Kart session on the wall, anyone?

The Nintendo Switch is pretty darn impressive. Just yesterday we learned that it's selling better than the Xbox One and PS4 did this time last year. The console has sold more than 2 million copies in America since its release, and devs can't stop praising the hardware. But what happens when a third-party company gets their hands on it? An innovation of an already innovative product.

The Switch is great for portable use, and the seamless transition between mobile to TV mode is a real sight to see. What if you don't have a big TV, but you want to play with friends? Well, you can always huddle around the Switch with Joycons with the console's kickstand deployed, but what if you want something a bit roomier? The Switch is all about options, and it just got more. 

A company called YesOJO is building a new dock for the Nintendo Switch, called the 'OJO' dock. This dock comes with a built-in micro-projector for the Switch. It can project a screen of up to 150 inches on any wall with the right lighting and color. Unlike projectors of the past, however, the requirements are much more lenient, projecting an HD resolution with a brightness of up to 200 lumens. The projected screen can be between 30 to 150 inches, depending on lighting and distance from the wall. 

The projector comes with its own battery that can provide up to four hours of gaming on the go, so a wall adapter isn't even required, but can totally be plugged into the wall and used in a more permanent setting. 

Don't want to play on a projected screen? Or maybe you did a bit too much mobile gaming and need a recharge on-the-go? The OJO dock can also be used as a backup battery while mobile, adding 4x the battery life to the Nintendo Switch before it needs to be docked again. It also comes with standard USB ports to charge smartphones, tablets, etc. 

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Lastly, the OJO dock has built-in speakers, as a projection obviously doesn't produce sound. If you still need better sound quality, you're in luck: there's also an aux port. It sounds like you don't even need your own dock anymore, as the OJO comes with 2 USB-C ports for charging. It even has HDMI connections too, so you can use it as a standard dock tethered to a regular HD TV. If that wasn't enough, the HDMI ports support more than just the Switch, allowing you to project anything you can put an HDMI plug into.

This sounds like a sales pitch at this point, but this thing just has too many features not to get a little excited about. Would you pick one up? it can be pre-ordered now on Indiegogo. The backer price is $269, with the full-release retail price planned to be $369.