This is what Japan thinks of DmC: Devil May Cry

Famitsu, the popular Japanese video game magazines, reviews games by having a panel of four video game reviewers each give a game a score from zero to ten, ten being the best. The scores are then added up with a possible score of 40. So if anyone should be taken seriously when it comes to reviewing a Capcom game, it's Famitsu.

They recently reviewed the Ninja Theory-developed reboot of DmC: Devil May Cry. And ya know what? DmC did pretty well. It received 8/9/8/9 for 34 points out of the possible 40. That's not bad at all. It seems that most of the complaints about DmC have to do with the control scheme, something that was brought up in each editor's review. Here's a little bit from two of the editors:

Ranbu Yoshida

"The game's core fun of using guns and swords and such to mow down foes is still there. The wild side of the Dante you see here really looms large, giving him a cool edge. Once you get used to the controls, which use the L and R buttons for different things, you'll be able to launch a wide variety of combos and expand your attacks."

He added more about the control scheme, as well, saying, "All the skills you have lend themselves to some pretty stylish battles, but as a side effect of that, you're asked for some pretty technical control movies. This puts the game on the tough side, and I wish there was some kind of easier control mode or something."

Jigoro Ashida

"This looks like a completely new and different game, but that stylish action is still inherited from the rest of the series. The controls are very comfortable, and using all of your skills to flashily defeat foes is really exhilarating. Like with other games in the series, you can get high ranks if you put some thought into battle, making it fun for both beginners and experts."

Ashida added about the controls, "It's nice that the game targets the nearest enemy when you're wielding a gun, but you have to press L3 to switch targets, which isn't as intuitive as it could be."

I can handle a tougher control scheme, because eventually, you'll get used to the controls. And their complaints don't sound like anything that ruins the entire gmaplay experience, which is apparent for the scores they gave DmC. I'm just happy that these reviews are positive and have the tone that it doesn't ruin the franchise. When the game was announced and the first shots of Dante came out, everyone was hating on it. Now, it seems like DmC will be a strong addition to the Devil May Cry franchise.

Look for our review, coming soon.

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