This is the Kerbal Space Program career mode you deserve

You’ve built spaceships, you’ve been to space, you’ve murdered tons of Kerbans, and now you’re going to make a career out of it. Not an… actual career but a Kerban career. If you’ve been playing Kerbal Space Program from the start, you’ve come to the realization that other than building ships and landing, there aren’t a whole lot of long term goals – just self-made ones. That is, until today.

It’s time to take control of your own Kerbal Research Facility. What will you be doing here? Well, first off, you’re going to need to hire some astronauts. Once you got those fellows, why not get some Research and Development going. You know how you just sort of build whatever you want right now? Now you can have a budget and reputation to worry about – no more un-noticed murder! Now you’ll build ships and take on contracts to make your program better. This process will include taking data, running science experiments, and creating new modules to explore the Kerbal Solar System.   

“Career Mode is going to change the way people play Kerbal Space Program and update 0.22 is a major advancement in making that possible,” lead developer Felipe Falanghe said.

“Science and R&D should provide a fun challenge for existing players while helping new players get into the game, by providing a way to gradually discover all of its content and possibilities. We’re still not finished with Career Mode but this is definitely going to give people a very real understanding of what we’re trying to accomplish. It’s going to be a rewarding experience to see how players take on these new challenges.”

So here is a taste of what’s in store for career mode. Sure it’s not everything they have in mind, but I’m really digging the direction they are taking KSP in; more is almost always more. Below, you’ll find even more feature in this update, bring it on!

  • Updated Art for the Kerbal Space Center, including several new buildings
  • Subassemblies, which allow players to save and load pre-assembled components of a spacecraft, and use them in both the Vehicle Assembly Building and Space Planes Hangar, making construction a lot easier and flexible
  • New suspension system for landing legs, creating more realistic and easier landings, as well as the ability to repair broken landing equipment
  • Continued upgrades made to Stability Assistance System (SAS) allow for better control, easier rocket flight experience