This fan video is much better than Capcom’s Breath of Fire 2 trailer

Last week Capcom announced that the Super Nintendo role-playing classic Breath of Fire 2 was headed to the Nintendo Wii U Virtual Console, but its announcement trailer didn't do much to inspire future purchases.

The most exciting in-game scene Capcom could find involved a shopkeeper saying, "Please pay at the counter there and come this way." The footage ended with a random battle with some boring green blobs.

Today Capcom admitted its mistake and shared a fan-made trailer that provides a much better overview of the game and actually makes it look — gasp — fun to play.

"Unfortunately, we didn't have the greatest footage of the game to show off — only the brief series of clips from the game's launch on the original Wii," a post on the Capcom-Unity blog reads.

"Well, the illustrious and very passionate NukaCola went ahead and remedied that with a far more exciting — dare I say epic — trailer to get you excited about the game's rerelease due 'in the coming months.'"

The new trailer ends a little anticlimactically, but I think we can all agree that it's a major improvement.

Capcom also unveiled Breath of Fire 6 last week, the first in the main series to release on mobile and PC and not consoles.