This Destiny Secret Santa gift is brilliant and depressing

The Cryptarch is getting coal in his stocking

I'm no Grinch or Scrooge, but I despise Secret Santa — especially in an office environment. Maybe it's because I like to give inappropriate gifts that could be looked down upon. I put a lot of thought into the NSFW gifts I give, and in return I get a Starbucks gift card, or a GameStop gift card because I work for a video game website. It's so PG and safe. However, a Secret Santa at a local bar? I could get down with that.

Especially if my Secret Santa gives one of the best, most creative gifts ever.

Posted to /r/DestinyTheGame on Reddit, user Captaintripps posted two images of a Destiny-related gift he/she got from his/her Secret Santa at the local bar.

destiny secret santa

destiny secret santa

It's the most genius gift I've seen this holiday season, but the reality of it is far too depressing. I was one of those Guardians who was d*cked over by the Cryptarch far too often. This just reopened a wound.