This bed can withstand 65-tons of earthquake force, ladies

So the ‘WOOD LUCK’ is a Shinko Industries specialty bed.  The wood frame of this bed is said to be quake-resistant to up to 65-tons.  The idea is that if your roof and the world around you comes crashing down during an earthquake, your bed will be able to withstand the force of the traumatic experience.   Most likely you’ll still wake up though during.

65-tons is a lot of weight.  Like, we’re talking huge dinosaurs heavy.  How… how is a wooden bed going to be able to support this?  WOOD LUCK beds are made with 30-40 year old cypress trees which are known for being remarkably sturdy.  The test results say the WOOD LUCK passed the 65-ton load-bearing test.  I’m just skeptical still I guess.      

These beds are said to be sold cheap and go for $5,600 US.  That’s not cheap for me but I have no earth-quake proof bed comparison knowledge.  If this bed can withstand 65-tons, just THINK of what else it can withstand.  I leave that with you.  Watch this video.


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