THIEF producer ‘grateful’ for Deus Ex: Human Revolution development team

While the Eidos Montreal team working on THIEF isn't exactly the same team that developed Deus Ex: Human Revolution — as the studio was working on the two projects simultaneously — they do owe quite a bit to the Human Revolution team.

"I'm really so grateful for them because they did a very, very good job with Deus Ex," Thief producer Stephane Roy told GameZone. "Now people are willing to give us a chance with Thief.

"It's like 'Okay, it's the studio that did Deus Ex: Human Revolution so they seem to know what they are doing, so we are willing to give them a chance with THIEF.' And that's great because I know the expectations are very, very high with THIEF."

When asked if the team working on Thief actually learned anything from those that worked on Human Revolution, Stephane said the most important thing he got form that was that "sometimes you have to trust your instinct. Don't be afraid, you know? You must listen to what people are expecting and after that you have to understand what you want exactly."

"It's just impossible to create everything. Let's say it's ingredients when you are preparing a meal, it's just impossible to put all the ingredients. That's what we learned from them. Sometimes you have to make a difficult decision and trust your instinct. This is what we have done."

The most difficult decision the team has made so far, it seems, has been replacing original Garrett voice actor Stephen Russell with newcomer Romano Orzari, a move which was met with backlash from fans. Ultimately, it came down to creating the most believable, authentic experience possible. For THIEF, that meant finding an actor who could both perform the necessary stunts and provide the voice for Garrett.

THIEF is set to release on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 sometime in 2014.