These Wolfenstein: The New Order screenshots sure are pretty

Wolfenstein: The New Order was officially unveiled last week, but aside from a brief teaser trailer we haven't really seen much of the game. Ah, the joys of teaser trailers. Well, today Bethesda gave us a first glance at some of the game's core concepts and visuals through a series of screenshots that show off robot Nazis and the chaos that will ensue.

As explained in last week's announced, the new Wolfenstein game takes place in 1960, in an alternate version of our world where the Nazis have won WWII. In this version, the Nazis have harnessed robot-like technology — or "Super Weapons," if you will. A lot of what you'll encounter seems to be on full display in the screenshot gallery attached.

On a side note, did you know Bethesda had to post these images to their Facebook rather than on their official blog through Imgur due to German law? Apparently, folks from "that part of the world" aren't allowed to look at these screens. Who knew!?