These League of Legends skins are on sale for the first time ever

So in League of Legends, you know those skins that change particle effects and look amazing but aren’t legendary? Sure they don’t change the voice set but their still pretty damn sweet. The one that comes most to mind is Blackthorn Morgana. From the very essence of how she looks, to how all her spells effects look, to my favorite part – how the leaves blow away after certain abilities and death. 

Well Blackthorn Morgana and eleven other of Riot’s better skins are on sale right now for the first time ever: Sona, Talon, Lee Sin, Wukong, Vayne, Fizz, Riven, Swain, Amumu, Shyvana, and Pantheon. This sale is live now up until January 14th so log in and spend some of the RP your friends sent you over holiday break.     

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