These Hybrid screenshots might make you want to shoot stuff

Developer 5th Cell has released a nice digital stack of hot new screenshots from Hybrid, its upcoming third-person shooter due out on Xbox Live Arcade this summer.

I had the chance to play Hybrid at E3, and I really dug what I saw. Not only does the game offer some nice visuals that aren't cluttered with brown or gray (or brown again) like all those other shooters, but it also presents an intriguing new way to play. Rather than running around a map looking for cover, you jump and hover around the levels. It's a gameplay mechanic that's new for third-person shooters, and it's really fast-paced.

Obviously, Hybrid could appeal to a number of gamers. Shooter fans should definitely watch out for it because, hello, it's a shooter. Jaded shooter fans should check it out because it's way different from most other entries in the genre. And people who don't really play shooters (like yours truly) should also give it a chance because it's so different from the typical brand of action games we see on consoles all too often.

Hybrid is set to launch as part of Xbox Live Summer of Arcade. In the meantime, why not check out the new screens I've so kindly organized for you? And for a more in-depth look at the game, read my E3 preview!

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