These Dead or Alive 5 screens are full of brawling, bashing, and boobs

Tecmo Koei and developer Team Ninja are hoping to do something different within the fighting game genre. Set to launch on September 25 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Dead or Alive 5 is the first home console entry in the series in almost seven years. As I was told by a Dead or Alive tournament champion at E3, this title can practically be considered a reboot. Given the major changes that are coming to the series, "reboot" definitely seems like a fitting word.

What stood out to me the most about Dead or Alive 5 during my preview session was Tecmo Koei's emphasis on "fighting entertainment." The publisher wants to push fighters forward, not by making the upcoming title more complicated and technical, but rather by making it more accessible and fun.

The theme of fighting entertainment entails bright lights, flashy moves, and over-the-top style. Additionally, Dead or Alive 5 will also feature refined mechanics so that veterans can feel right at home while newcomers are able to jump right in and have some fun, as well.

Tecmo Koei has released a few screenshots of the game, and I'm such a nice guy that I've compiled them all into one gallery. Check 'em out! I dig the new character designs, and the stages look pretty kick-ass, too.

For more on Dead or Alive 5, check out our preview of the game from E3. And expect an interview with Team Ninja right here on GameZone in the near future.

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