These Battlefield 4 fan stories will get you jacked

When selling a new game, nothing is more beneficial than consumer feedback. Electronic Arts can release all the trailers and screenshots they want. Press can write previews; but, nothing beats hearing actual fans speak of a game. And while much of the talk this week has been about Call of Duty: Ghosts, EA isn't just going to give them the stage. Looking to snag some of the spotlight, the publisher has released a series of videos with gamers talking about their most exciting moments with Battlefield 4.

Real players, real gameplay, the publisher claims. Granted we don't know if that's entirely true; it's quite easy to find actors who are capable of acting like "consumers," but either way, some of the stories are pretty sweet. If anything, the videos show off the potential of Battlefield 4 and everything you can do in the game.

All of the fan stories have been compiled into one video for your viewing pleasure, courtesy of GamesHQMedia.