There is no “Snyder Cut” of Justice League planned for release

Plans can change, though.

For the last week, comic-book fans have been in a frenzy over the long awaited DC Comics ensemble film, Justice League. Some people loved it, some people despise it, and there's reasons for both. Some didn't like the lighter tone that director Joss Whedon added during reshoots when the original director Zack Snyder had to step away due to a family tragedy. Some felt it was incoherent and lacked a real vision and ended up becoming a traditional forgettable superhero film, something the DC universe had avoided prior.

Zack Snyder even stated he hasn't seen the film since handing it over to Whedon in early 2017 and his family who has seen it disapproved of Warner Brothers "meddling" and "forced humor". Many fans have been hoping that Snyder would come back and "finish" his cut of the film as part of the home video release, a la the Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman.

Sadly, it doesn't sound like that's in the plans at Warner Brothers. A verified Redditor who has done visual effects on DC movies like Wonder Woman and the upcoming Aquaman stated that "There won't be a Snyder cut." Others chimed in suggesting that if there was a Snyder cut, it would take an obscene amount of money and time as they'd have to finish the visual effects, re-score scenes and even add a new score for new scenes, and much more. It's not worth the amount of time and money just to please some hardcore fans who may just end up pirating the thing when it releases on Blu-ray anyways.

The same Redditor said that they have been working on adding some touches for scenes not featured in the final film, meaning we could see some deleted scenes in the bonus features or a less superior extended cut (like Suicide Squad) but it's unlikely we're going to get the ultimate director's cut that many people really want.

Justice League is in theaters now.