There is no finer mistress than death in the last pages of the Dark Souls 2: Into the Light comic

Death, as we know it, is all too common in the world of Dark Souls II. From that one tragic roll into oblivion, to that one hollow playing possum, to the caress of a horrific demon slamming a giant two-handed mace upon your spine… “You Died.” Since it is a solid mechanic of the game, you shouldn’t get mad at it, after all, it is a learning process. As humans (or undead), we often learn more from our failures than our successes. This is the struggle of the undead, every death you gain that much more knowledge but at the risk of snapping and ending up hollow. I can’t take this…

In the last pages of Dark Souls II: Into the Light comic, out valiant knight learns this lesson and finally decides to listen to Saulden. Authors Rob Williams and Andi Ewington write the Dark Souls II: Into the Light comic while the art is provided by Simon Coleby. Together, the trio created this comic which has been posted free via Dark Souls’ Facebook page. Would you listen to someone giving advice by the bonfire? Would you charge ahead unknowingly? Now that Dark Souls II has been released, Drangleic is your personal graveyard.

Did you find Saulden in game? Did you listen to his advice then? HERE is last weeks, enjoy the last pages Into the Light below!