There is no escape from Demon’s Souls coming to PlayStation network

Dark Souls has become a monumental frustrating hit and will always exist in a very special (yet dark) place in my heart.  It became such a hit that a powerful online petition even brought a port to PC.  Even before there was Dark Souls, though, there was Demon's Souls — a game which started the rage which lead to broken controllers around the world. That same game can now be digitally downloaded straight to your PlayStation 3.

As of January 8th, you’ll be able to purchase Demon's Souls from the PlayStation Network for $20. Along with this sale, PSN is having a “Pure White World Tendency” event lasting from January 8th to January 14th.  For those unfamiliar with Demon's Souls, what this means is that the game’s difficulty will be easier during this time. White days are easier and Black days more difficult. So as soon as this bad boy comes out, get it, and put a dent in it before the Black days come!

You have less than a week to prepare so buy a few extra controllers beforehand and prepare for those soul runs after you die…over, and over, and over again.