Opens its Doors

February 2, 2009
Opens its Doors

Register Now for a Limited Period
at to Receive Exclusive Early Benefits

Already causing a tremendous buzz
within the hunting community as a result of the public debut of theHunter at
last month’s SHOT Show, Emote Games, an online publisher of realistic social
games, today announced that it has begun phasing registered users into the game.

While theHunter team continues to
evolve the game and add new features, Emote Games is starting to issue permits
to the Evergreen Hunting Reserve. Starting this week, anybody who has registered
their interest in theHunter will be invited via a phased invitation process to
experience the best in interactive hunting for free. Additionally, exclusive
benefits are available for those opting to purchase an early adopter membership

All players will have full and free
access to theHunter social community, where they can customize their pages,
upload photos, shares stories and interact with other members of theHunter

TheHunter features an organic,
developing environment where new gear, new weapons, new animals to hunt, new
habitats, and many other features are continually being added. By simply
registering at
, players get the opportunity to join the queue of eager
gamers and hunters waiting to experience the world’s most realistic hunting