Theatrhythm Final Fantasy conjures up some screenshots

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is an upcoming rhythm game that celebrates the phenomenal music spanning 25 years. But did you realize that beneath that rhythm game coat, is a surprisingly deep RPG system? These new screenshots illustrate character progression in the game, which actually has impact on the world of Theatrhythm.

Players can level up characters and improve skills by fighting monsters, exploring the world and completing events.

  • Characters with high Strength or Magic skills can more easily defeat monsters in battle;
  • Characters with high Agility can travel greater distances in the field with an increased chance of finding treasures.
  • Characters with high Luck have greater odds of finding rare items and can avoid taking damage more easily.

Each character has a unique set of Abilities that aid in completing stages.

Looks like both rhythm game aficionados and RPG buffs will find a lot to love in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, once it ships July 3rd.