The World of Dreamlords Expands as Lockpick Reveals New Race

June 27, 2006

The World of Dreamlords Expands as Lockpick
Reveals New Race

The shattered world is not enough for two
warring factions…

Introducing the third unique race, bent on
controlling their world. The Covenant is an army race based on their holy
scripture the Empyrean Doctrine, it encapsulates both their traditional moral
values and their ability for war and tactics. They resemble humans in stature,
but basking in the dreamers attention has made them strong beyond their form.

To defeat the towering enemies that have invaded
the land, the Covenant have donned sets of armor and constructed weapons great
enough to injure even the beastlike Thl. Unlike the other two races, Nihilim
and Thl, the Covenant centers on its faith and the abilities it yields. Spurred
on by the summoned spirits of fallen heroes the soldiers of the Covenant fight
with a fanatical loyalty and can command holy magic on the battlefield.

Dreamlords PC screenshots
Click here to see all-new Covenant screens.

Join us, and make the beastly Thl and insidious
Nihilim tremble before the grand armies of the Covenant.

Dreamlords is
a new online experience. Control your patria, an island floating in space. Use
the armies of Nihilim, Thl and the Covenant to destroy your enemies and
ultimately gain the dreamers attention.

Do you dare assume the role of a Dreamlord?

About Dreamlords

Dreamlords, "A
New Online Experience", is a Massive Multiplayer Online strategy game which
combines character development, social and collaborative gameplay with real time
strategy in a true persistent world. Players can build their power base over
time and compete for victory together with other players from all over the

You can read more about the game and enjoy
downloadable materials at the game community website

Dreamlords is
scheduled to launch in 2006 and will be available for Windows®.