The Warriors Is In Stores Now

The Warriors Is In Stores Now

Available Now for Xbox and Playstation 2.

October 19, 2005 – Come out to play, indeed.
Rockstar’s highly anticipated videogame adaptation of the 1979 Paramount
Pictures cult classic film, The Warriors, has finally arrived for Xbox® and
PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. A dream-come-true opportunity to
step into the shoes of The Warriors and duke it out with the likes of the
Baseball Furies, the Hi-Hats, the Orphans, the rollerskating Punks of Union
Square and many more… To run for your life from the careening death bus of the
Turnbull ACs in the North Bronx… To fight, punch, kick, and bludgeon your way
through an epic journey from Coney Island’s home turf, to the Riffs summit in
Van Courtlandt Park – and back.

Rockstar is proud to bring you this rare
cinematic adaptation – a glorious return to quintessential street brawler beat-em-up

The early critical word has arrived…

NEW YORK TIMES "The Warriors is a dark urban
fantasy set in a dystopian city dominated by gangs…an adoring re-creation of
New York City in the late 1970’s: the tortured metropolis of graffiti, blackouts
and the Son of Sam. The game’s environments are rendered in rich detail and just
about anything that can be picked up – whether a television set, garbage can or
toilet – can be used as a weapon. It is unlikely that any game this fall will
have more visual style and pop culture panache than Rockstar’s The Warriors."

PLAY MAGAZINE "Cinematic and immersive, Warriors
succeeds because it wholly engrosses players. Its New York becomes the most
violent playground on Earth, with turf to be divided, rumbles fought, and brutal
challenges won or lost. A combination of splendid art direction, game structure,
and storyline combine to make this possible… In sinking to the depths of gang
violence, Warriors soars. It’s a shining example of how to do a game based on a
movie; it pays proper respect without adhering slavishly to the source material.
And man, is it fun to play. Bravo."

day brawler that has just as much punch as it does panache. Rockstar Toronto has
taken a cult favorite license…and turned it into something that’s truly worth
playing…a true step forward in the brawling genre. Rockstar’s The Warriors is
a heavyweight game…the Toronto studio has added depth, surprise, and meat
where other beat-’em-ups and brawlers have fallen flat. The more you play The
Warriors, the more you realize what a powerful homage this truly is to the
original games of its kind."

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