The Verminous Horde Descends Upon Warhammer Online

Still playing Warhammer Online? Want a mountain of new content? BioWare Mythic has answered your prayers with a new patch, including tons of free content, as well as new booster packs that make the game even deeper…

The Verminous Horde 1.4.0 features a host of new free content and gameplay for all WAR subscribers including:

Revamped Open RvR
Introducing a brand new capture mechanic in Tiers 2-4 of Open RVR in WAR that will dramatically change the game and provide even more incentives for players get out there and join the war!

Skaven Dungeon
The Skaven have arrived in the Age of Reckoning opening up access to an RvR level 65+ dungeon, Thanquol’s Incursion! Players participating in the dungeon will get all-new gear and first access to playable Skaven troops.

Four playable Skaven Classes
Players will be able to control Skaven troops in four classes, the Warlock Engineer, the Pack Master, the Rat Ogre, and the Gutter Runner.

In addition to the content provided with The Verminous Horde 1.4.0 patch, WAR players will also have the ability to purchase two new RvR booster packs. The booster packs, which include enhancements to either the progression or the personality of users’ characters, will be available to purchase an individual pack for $9.99 or both packs together for $14.99 from EA STORE at: Players who buy the $14.99 combo pack within the first 30 days (through December 16th, 2010) will receive two additional trophy tokens and one additional barber surgeon token.

The Progression Pack will take effect on all characters on a user’s account and will include:

20 More Ranks
Progress to Renown Rank 100 and enjoy all the rewards that come with those added levels

New Sets
All new Renown gear and Item Sets as players progress through Renown Ranks 81-100. This includes two new Split sets of Armor with unique looks and bonuses available at Renown Rank 90 and 100

New Weapons
Three new sets of Scenario Weapons as players progress through Renown Ranks 81-100. These weapons are available at Renown Ranks 81, 90, and 100

Accelerated Leveling
Advance through the Renown Ranks at an accelerated rate, allowing players to get up to the new Renown Ranks quicker than ever

The Personality Pack will take effect on all characters on a user’s account and will include:

Barber Surgeon Tokens
The new in game Barber Surgeon requires tokens that are available to owners of the Personality pack only. Players will get four tokens to completely change their facial customization options

Vanity Pets
Receive four new vanity pets in their choice of four different colors. Order characters on the account will receive the Two-Headed Hound, the Drake, the Ugly Hound, and the Hawk. Destruction characters on the account will receive the Two-Headed Hound, the Drake, the Iron Hawk, and the Jester

Receive a high end heavy mount in their choice of three colors. These mounts are useable at Renown Rank 60 and provide a 70% speed bonus with a 45% chance of dismount

Access to use new dyes on the dye-masters that are new and unique

The Verminous Horde Patch 1.4.0 patch will download and install automatically the next time WAR players log on. WAR users can purchase the Progression Pack and Personality Pack from the EA STORE by visiting For more information on WAR please visit