The Urbz: Sims in the City Comics Now Available

The Urbz: Sims in the City Comics
Now Available

Check it out! The Urbz has even more
talent involved! We’ve now hired 10 of the most talented names in the
independent and underground comic scenes to produce strips based on a
day-in-the-life of Jayde in the big city. Every Thursday, a new comic will be
released on , or directly at
. You won’t want to miss any of

See below for a complete listing of
who we recruited.

Find out if you have enough
reputation to make it into the big city on November 9!

Jay Stephens

Canadian cartoonist Jay Stephens is
best known for his Emmy Award winning cartoon creation, “Tutenstein”, seen on
NBC Saturday mornings, and the Annie nominated “Jetcat” shorts from
Nickelodeon’s “KaBlam!” He’s spent a dozen years writing and drawing comic books
and strips for a variety of publications, including his own “Jetcat Clubhouse,
The Land of Nod, and Atomic City Tales.” Jays’ full color, weekly comic strip
“Welcome to…Oddville” can be seen Thursdays in the “Toronto Star’s” Brand New
Planet section.

Peter Bagge

Peter Bagge grew up in Peekskill,
New York. From 1985-1989, Bagge started his own comic book, “Neat Stuff,” for
Fantagraphics Books, producing 15 issues. In 1990, “Neat Stuff” evolved into a
new title, "Hate," which exclusively followed the foibles of the
semi-autobiographical Buddy Bradley. “Hate” became the voice of the
twenty-nothing slackers as well as being hailed by critics for its brilliant
characterization in its complete chronicle of the 1990s. “Hate” continues to
appear in print, albeit less frequently, under the title "Hate Annual." Bagge’s
distinctive in-your-face illustration style has also appeared on many record and
CD covers, and his comics have been featured in political and social commentary
magazines like “Reason” and the website “” Other comic work includes
writing an all ages comic book for DC called "Yeah!" (drawn by Gilbert
Hernandez), and more recently "Sweatshop," also for DC, which satirizes the
comics industry. He also writes and draws a weekly comic strip about "Bat Boy"
for The Weekly World News. Peter Bagge currently lives in Seattle with his wife
Joanne and daughter Hannah.

Evan Dorkin

Evan Dorkin is the Harvey, Eisner
and Ignatz-award winning creator of “Milk and Cheese”, “Dork”, and “Hectic
Planet”, published by Slave Labor Graphics. He’s also put in time at Marvel,
Dark Horse and DC, among other comics publishers. His cartooning has also
appeared in Esquire, Spin, The Onion, Mad, Disney Adventures, Penthouse Hot Talk
and Nickelodeon magazine. Along with Sarah Dyer, he’s written for “Space Ghost
Coast to Coast”, “Superman” and the “Batman Beyond” animated series. He was the
creator, writer, designer and executive producer of “Welcome to Eltingville”,
which aired on the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. He is currently working on
another pilot for the Swim.

Jim Mahfood

Jim Mahfood is the indy cartoonist
behind such books as “Grrl Scouts,” “Stupid Comics,” “Bad Ideas,” and “40oz
Collected.” He provided the art on Kevin Smith’s “Clerks” comics and has worked
on such mainstream characters as “Spider-Man,” “Batman,” and “The Simpsons.” His
current projects include his brand new artbook, "Puttin’ the Backbone Back" and
"Wha Huh?!" at Marvel with Brian Bendis.

Chynna Clugston

Chynna Clugston is the creator of
“Scooter Girl” and the multiple Eisner and Harvey award nominated comic book
“Blue Monday,” both from Oni Press. If she hadn’t been born and raised in
California thinking it’s the coolest place in the world, she’d probably be
living it up in London at the moment. Well, living in poverty in London dreaming
about living it up there. For now she’s content to only visit. Chynna has also
worked on projects such as Paul Dini’s “Jingle Belle,” Mike Allred’s “It Girl,”
“Ultimate Marvel Team-Up” with Brian Michael Bendis and will be doing “Teen
Titans Go!” with J. Torres next spring. Her next project, “Queen Bee”
(Scholastic), will see the light of day September 2005. She’s got more tricks up
her sleeve this coming year, too.

James Kochalka

James Kochalka is a cartoonist and a
rock star. His comics have been published in 8 languages around the globe and
have won numerous awards, and he recently signed a multi-album record deal with
Rykodisc for his band, James Kochalka Superstar.

Steve Rolston

Steve Rolston made his first splash
in the comic book world by illustrating the debut story arc of Greg Rucka’s
espionage series “Queen & Country,” which won the Eisner Award for Best New
Series. Rolston went on to illustrate the punk rock black comedy “Pounded with
writer Brian Wood and Mek,” a look into the mechanized future of cult culture
with the mighty Warren Ellis. He showed off his own writing skills with the
release of his "slacker noir" graphic novel “One Bad Day.” Rolston lives in in
Vancouver, BC, Canada and continues to work on future comic projects.

R Stevens

R Stevens lives in a factory
building with two cats. When he’s not drawing his online comic strip Diesel
Sweeties , he teaches graphic design part-time at the Hartford Art School.
DieselSweeties & R Stevens have been seen featured in Salon, Suicide Girls, .net
Magazine, Chicago Magazine, Magnet & the U.K. Sunday Times. He hopes one day to
eat hot dogs until he passes out.

Dave Crosland

An entomologist by day, Dave
Crosland spends his nights righting wrongs and drawing comics. While he’s
created artwork for several Image Comics stories, such as Bad Ideas, Heaven LLC
and Puffed, Crosland’s images have also graced the pages of Venus Magazine and
Spin, along with album covers and concert posters worldwide.

A new strip will be added every
Thursday morning through December 16th. The latest strip can always be found