The Top Five Gaming Gods of 2009

This one is for the ladies. …
In a bit of a departure from the usual fare and year-end awards, we – at
GameZone – decided to honor some of the characters we met in 2009 that kept us
thinking about them long after the game was turned off. So today, we are
offering up the list of cyber-hunks of 2009, as selected by the women who write
for GameZone. Tomorrow, the guys get a say by naming the video-game vixens that
graced our screens and haunted our dreams.

The Top Five
Gaming Gods of 2009
By Natalie

names the 2009 Video-game ‘Hunk’ of the Year

Ask a male gamer
who he thinks is the sexiest gaming hero and they won’t have trouble naming five
off the top of their head but if you ask that question to a female gamer they’ll
really have to think about it. You see, the gaming world is filled with
generic-looking muscle men who girls wouldn’t like to run into in a dark alley
nor would even consider dating for that matter. Then there are the
faceless/voiceless heroes we never get to see so we don’t have much in terms of
hunks to pick from in the gaming world.

Then again, that
isn’t entirely true because for every Cole from inFamous or Johnny from The Lost
and Damned (wait, I think they’re the same person) is a hero worthy of being
called a hunk. We’re talking sexy, drool-worthy hunky Gaming Gods who we ladies
can’t take our eyes off even when it’s not a cut scene.

This year does
have a few hunks worthy of note so, with the help of fellow female reviewer,
Angelina Sandoval, we looked through many games searching for that hot hunk of
2009. It was a long and demanding task but somebody had to make the sacrifice.
Now that we both stopped drooling we came up with the Top 5 Hottest Gaming Hunks
of 2009.

So, ladies, we
have our top five candidates and the winner of this year’s contest. May there be
a “Shirtless” cheat code for each of them, we say.

The top
contenders …

5. Alex
Mercer – Prototype:
Being a mutated reanimated corpse
doesn’t stop girls from loving Alex Mercer. The need to rip zombies and mutant
freaks apart with his own mutated limb and the ability to scale a tall building
within seconds actually makes for on interesting conversation on a date. Oh, and
the fact that he can turn into anyone he comes into contact makes the
possibilities nearly endless. Plus, he’s got gorgeous eyes thus making him the
perfect prototype for a perfect boyfriend.


4. Chris
Redfield – Resident Evil 5:

For years, Jill Valentine has been the luckiest woman in Raccoon
City’s STARS Division and that’s because her partner was none other than the
hunky Chris Redfield. In the fifth installment of the Resident Evil series,
Chris has gone from the cute jock-wannabe to a hot quarterback. With a killer
body and dreamy good-looks, he’s one gorgeous hunk we wouldn’t mind joining in
the hot zombie-infested African village.


3. Ezio
Auditore da Firenze – Assassin’s Creed II:

Hiding behind the shadow of his
hood is the face of an exotically handsome nobleman who we wouldn’t mind climb
up to our window at the dead of night after having hunted down the men that had
wrong his family. Sure, he’s an assassin in a long line of assassins but Ezio is
hot enough to be worthy of being immortalized by master Leonardo Di Vinci … or
an amazing game.


2. Miguel
Caballero Rojo – Tekken 6:

One of the best things to come out of The King of the Iron Fist
Tournament, this sexy matador is appropriately spicy and just so downright
caliente. The boys can drool all over Nina Williams or Brazilian bombshell
Christie but us girls will be happy being Miguel’s towel girl any day of the

And the Hottest Gaming Hunk of the Year is …


1. Nathan
Drake – Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Sexiness has a name and it’s Nathan Drake. He’s the kind of man who guys would
happily share a beer with and ladies would love nothing more than to grab his
hand let him lead you out of a major gunfight. He’s witty, charming and has a
smile that would melt you in his arms. He’s also part of what makes the story in
Uncharted soar to the point of making him far more charming than fellow “tomb
raider” Lara Croft.

* * *

Remember to check in tomorrow
for the GameZone 2009 Video-game Babe of the Year winner!