The Tanks are Rolling!

August 8, 2008

Tank Universal is Golden

Meridian4 and Dialogue Design are
pleased to announce that their highly-anticipated Indie title; Tank Universal
has gone Gold and will be officially released for digital download on August

“Every time I play Tank Universal,
it brings back memories of Tron; the MCP, LightCycles and the Battle Tanks,”
said Steve Milburn, Marketing Director at Meridian4. “I can’t stop playing this
game and now that it has been tweaked, it’s ready to be released to the masses.
So while you wait for more news about TR2N, get a feel for this great,
addictive, Indie game of epic tank battles; Tank Universal!”

Tank Universal will be available on
August 21st on most digital online channels including Steam, D2D, Impulse,
GamersGate and many more. For more information visit or any of
the digital sites listed.

About Tank Universal

Tank Universal creates a huge
virtual ‘Tron-like’ world where you take part in immense 3D tank battles
involving scores of units both friendly and not so friendly in wide open levels!

  • Players can bombard the enemy from
    a distance or close the gap and dodge shells point blank – all in an immersive
    first person perspective.

  • 20 levels of highly addictive and
    intense tank battles

  • Some missions require you to leave
    the safety of your tank and explore the world on foot

  • Ability to upgrade weapons and
    tank equipment

  •  Fight alongside allies
    against highly intelligent and numerous enemies

  •  Spectacular looking virtual
    world and eye-popping particle effects

  • Take the battle in any direction
    with wide open levels allowing freedom of play Intriguing storyline switching
    between the ‘real world’ and the digital virtual world

  • Enhanced resolutions, including
    widescreen support up to 1680×1050