The Spells of Bullet Witch

November 6, 2006

The Spells of Bullet Witch

Atari has unveiled a synopsis of
spells, as well as accompanying screenshots and a movie, for the upcoming
neo-apocalyptic action game, Bullet Witch, for Xbox 360 video game and
entertainment system from Microsoft. Developed by Japan-based Cavia, Bullet
Witch is set on a bleak planet earth in the year 2013 with human kind on the
brink of extinction and hideous demons creating a tidal wave of destruction and
havoc. All hope of mankind’s survival rests with Alicia, a witch blessed with
magical skills and a swift trigger finger.

Below please find descriptions of
the nine spells Alicia can cast in Bullet Witch. Accompanying screenshots and a

Bullet Witch screenshots
Bullet Witch screenshotsBullet Witch screenshots

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Bullet Witch

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Bullet Witch movie

Spell Descriptions:

First Ring:

  • Elemental Shot: Add elemental
    effects to each version of the gun-rod, choose from a few basic elements.
    Infuse your gun with fire and torch enemies and call upon wind to disable and
    blow them away.

  • Ancient Wall: Summon a primeval
    wall that temporarily protects you from ensuing attacks.

  • Rose Spear: With a poignant flare
    that characterizes Alicia’s style, pitch roses and wherever petals fall,
    spears appear to impale enemies.

Second Ring:

  • Will Power: Classic telekinesis is
    called upon to control inanimate objects and use them as projectile weapons.

  • Sacrifice: To heal others, Alicia
    must sacrifice herself and her own powers. Conjure the energy of life,
    literally giving blood, to repair and restore life to allies.

  • Raven Panic: Call upon a murder of
    ravens to aggressively assault and distract enemies.

Third Ring:

  • Lightning: Control powerful
    thunder and lightning to accurately strike down enemies and cause massive

  • Tornado: Summon the force of a
    tornado to bring wreckage and ruin to the environment and enemies.

  • Meteor Shower: Conjure fiery balls
    of destruction from the angry skies to demolish everything in your path.