The Shrapnel Games Prize Patrol Is On The Hunt!

The Shrapnel Games Prize Patrol
Is On The Hunt!

You Could Be Our Next Winner!

Hampstead, NC, 19 September 2005

The merry month of September is over halfway
complete and you know what that means, right? It means that stores are already
selling freaking Halloween stuff!! Good grief, Great Pumpkin, it’s still 95
degrees out. It’s summer time, not All Hallow’s Eve! More importantly though it
means that Shrapnel Games’ epic contest, the one and only Prizapalooza, is
halfway over!!

Prizapalooza, contrary to what the name
sounds like, is not a secretive religious cult located in the Pacific Northwest.
It is a contest thrown by your favorite indie publisher of war and strategy
titles, Shrapnel Games, that is so massive in scope that it could not be
contained in only one day. It couldn’t even be contained in one week! No, the
mighty Prizapalooza demanded that the stars would come right and all of mankind
must bow down before its eldritch might for an entire month! Thirty days! Thirty
daily prizes!

And one very special grand prize!

All hail Prizapalooza! I! I! Prizapalooza

Entering the maws of Prizapalooza is pretty
darn easy if you’ve been unaware of it until this moment. Just go to the contest
page, located at
. Read the instructions.
Proceed then on your search and destroy mission to locate the daily image and
report back to the contest page once found. From there you’ll be entered into
the daily drawing for all correct entries, and while many will enter, ultimately
there can only be one (just like Highlander)! If you win for that day then yaay
you! If you didn’t win, worry not, for there is always tomorrow…until the 30th
of course!

At the end of the month all daily
winners will be entered into one monumental drawing for the ultimate
Prizapalooza prize. And pray tell, what is it? So far it’s a secret that only
the Keepers of the Prizes know…

So if you haven’t entered yet get
cracking! The end o’ the month will be fast upon us!

Best of luck to ya (and congrads to
all who have won so far)!!!