The Settlers: Fourth Edition Ships to North American Stores

NEW Downloadable Video Launches
Online as
The Settlers: Fourth Edition Ships
to North American Stores

San Francisco, CA–Aug. 3, 2001–Ubi
Soft has posted a new downloadable video online to celebrate the highly
anticipated launch of its community building simulation for PC, The Settlers:
Fourth Edition.

The game challenges players to use
planning and strategy to build their fledgling settlement into a fearsome
empire. They need to create a thriving settlement using agricultural, industrial
and spiritual buildings and followers, saving the landscape from the evil god
Morbus and his Dark Tribe followers at the same time.

With absorbing gameplay that
requires community creation, character creation and tactical awareness to
succeed, The Settlers: Fourth Edition is the latest title in a series which has
already sold over 3 million copies worldwide.

The Settlers: Fourth Edition

Create, control and expand three
races’ use of unique structures and machines, tools. Make and use an array of
weapons and cast powerful, dynamic spells. Deep storyline leads players to new
scenarios with increasingly intense challenges. New zoom and 3D support features
allow for dynamic perspectives and adjustable control over units. Cooperative
and competitive multiplayer modes offer added replay value, while gamers can
access World Ranking Lists and challenge fellow players online. Offers
wide-ranging appeal with a wide variety of controllable characters and an easily
accessible interface.

To support and celebrate the
shipping of The Settlers: Fourth Edition to stores across North America, Ubi
Soft has posted a newly produced video online for download. The movie features
in-depth gameplay and stunning cut-scenes from the game, and can be accessed

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